The University of Bahrain's institutional repository (BSpace) aims to store the scientific research output of the university, increase the visibility of original research and scholarly activity produced by UOB, and facilitate the sharing of scientific knowledge generated at UOB both regionally and internationally.

The repository is based on the dSpace platform and was developed and installed and customized by the College of Information Technology, and the Library and Information Services are responsible for quality control of its content. Hosting is provided by the IT Center and the Deanship of Scientific Research utilizes the research data stored in the repository.

Faculty, staff, students, and guests of UOB can access BSpace through the UOB IT services access id and password, and can contribute to the BSpace repository by submitting their works within the Colleges/Centers (communities) they belong to. This submission is then checked by College committee as well as the Library before being published on BSpace.

Please browse the UOB communities below or use the search function to locate information you are searching for. For further assistance please contact the system administrator

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