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      E-Books; E-learning; E-Textbooks; Electronic Books; Faculty Acceptance; Student Perceptions; Traditional Paper Textbook [1]
      E-Books; Printed Books; Readers; Student Preferences [1]
      e-cashless transactions; sequence diagrams; transaction protocol [1]
      E-commerce adoption; Factors; Small and medium-sized enterprises [1]
      E-Government; EGEP measurement framework; G2B; TAM [1]
      E-Government; Government 2.0; Intention; Kingdom of bahrain; Web 2.0 [1]
      E-Government; Information and communication technology; People with disability; Web accessibility; Web design framework; WWW [1]
      E-learning systems; Privacy; Privacy princples; Privacy requirements; Protection [1]
      E-Learning Tool; Online Learning; Social Media; Twitter Scheduler System [1]
      e-learning; facilitating conditions; m-learning; perceived easy of use; percived usefulness [1]
      E-learning; Interactive whiteboards (IWB); Students' engagement [1]
      E-learning; Middle east; Structural equation modelling; System adoption; Technology acceptance model [1]
      E-satisfaction; E-services; Ease of use; Higher education; Privacy; Quality; Responsiveness; Satisfaction,reliability; University of Bahrain [1]
      Earth buildings; Reinventions; Sustainability [1]
      Eastern Mediterranean; Metabolic syndrome; Noncommunicable diseases; Nutrition transition; Obesity; Physical activity [1]
      Eastham M.S.P. [2]
      Eastham M.S.P., Al-Hammadi A.S.A. [1]
      Eastham M.S.P., McLeod J.B. [1]
      Eastham, M.S.P., Department of Mathematics, University of Bahrain, P.O. Box 32038, Isa Town, Bahrain; McLeod, J.B., Mathematical Institute, St Giles Oxford, 0X1 3LB, United Kingdom [1]
      Eastham, M.S.P., Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Bahrain, P.O. Box 32038, Isa Town, Bahrain [1]